Fitness Classes

H.I.T.  High Intensity Training


If your goal is to lose weight, you need to burn fat by getting your heart rate up. Build your cardiovascular endurance while you burn fat, to have a great total body workout! Feel energized and have fun with this high intensity training class that will help you reach your goals.

Balance Training


Balance Training is a great class for beginners or those with limited range in movement. Whether you have a physical job or you sit at a desk all day, balance is important for everyone to have in order to avoid injury, especially as we get older. Strong balance helps keep you better aware of your body, as well as core strength to improve your posture, making balance important for us all.

Resistance Training


To get the shape you want, incorporate strengthening moves to help tighten and tone your muscles! Building your muscular endurance will create a better and stronger you. Build better and stronger muscles using body weight, resistance bands, and various weights to sculpt and condition your body.