Are You Getting Enough Water?

Did you drink enough water today? For most of us (most days), our answer is probably not. This may not seem like an important thing, however, body water imbalances can be a very big issue if you let it go too far. Dehydration - The loss of water and salts necessary for normal body function, can be a reality without proper hydration, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Sweat induced dehydration can cause not only an imbalance of water in your body but also an electrolyte imbalance. Water and sodium go hand in hand in our bodies to keep things balanced, and we can go further into this relation in an upcoming blog - "The Water and Salt Connection". For now, we will focus on low water intake and what that can mean for your fitness goals.

Add in some lemon or mint!

Water makes up 60% of our total body weight and when you lose water (through exercise or sweat) and you don’t replenish what is lost, the following can happen

1-2% Water Loss. When thirst is perceived and performance starts to decline. Beyond just a decline in performance, other symptoms of dehydration can start to set in.

2-4% Water Loss. Reduced muscular endurance time. Dehydration symptoms will also worsen

4-6% Water Loss. Reduced muscle strength, reduced endurance time, heat cramps. The body doesn’t adapt to dehydration, it must be corrected by outside sources aka WATER INTAKE.

6-8% Water Loss. Severe heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, coma, death. This is an extreme level to not have to worry about on a regular basis with your water intake, but on those summer training days, it can be a possibility.

So if you’re pushing yourself to improve your physical goals, water intake is important for your body to function properly internally,  and for your body to be able to push as hard as you can physically!

Written by:
Amanda Azar

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