5 Reasons A Personal Trainer is So Worth It

Why have a personal trainer? In the age of DIY, what is the point of having a personal trainer when there are tons of apps, Pinterest posts, and good old workout DVDs you see infomercials for? This flood of information can still leave you lost and with more questions than when you started. You need training, a Mr. Miagi of your own ;) ..here’s why!


When you have a personal trainer, you have someone you are accountable to. Your trainer will know your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. They will hold you to it on the days you want to phone it in or give up. Staying consistent is a huge part of reaching your goals and a good personal trainer will keep you on track.


This goes hand in hand with accountability, with a trainer you have CONSTANT support to keep after your goals. When it comes to a successful workout program, you need to be able to stick to it! And that is where your trainer can help you find your motivation. When you are pushing yourself to reach new goals or stick to new habits with exercise and eating, you need a support system to get you through the tough days and acknowledge your progress and achievements. Without proper motivation, reaching your goal can be very difficult.

Repeating exercises with bad form can lead to long-term injuries.

Prevent Injury

Bulgarian split squats. Tricep Kickbacks. Flutter kicks. What are those random names, you ask? These are legitimate exercise moves. Have no idea how to properly perform them? Having a trainer takes out the guessing work! Along with the knowledge of how to execute a workout correctly, you avoid injury! Injuries can hold you back, and can lead you on a path of pain and needed rehabilitation… so avoid it from the start!

Make it count!

Workout smarter not harder! You can push yourself in a vigorous workout, but do you need to hit the gym for over an hour? Not really… Having a trainer can help layout a workout specific to YOUR goals, as well as teach compound exercises when possible to make the most of your time! And not only that, but workouts will be balanced, to cover full body progress! For example, before you start picking up weights - do you have a strong enough core it? A trainer will make sure you have a strong foundation and progress from there. This goes along with preventing an injury as I mentioned earlier. #dontskiplegday

It’s all about YOU

No cookie cutter programs! Working with a trainer, you will receive customized workouts tailored to your needs and abilities, as well as nutritional guidelines based on your lifestyle and goals! There are many factors to take into account to get you to your fitness goal. Are you planning on losing weight or gaining muscle? Are you a man or a woman? Do you have pre-existing injuries or perhaps you have certain health issues? Not all workout plans are for everyone.

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Written by:
Amanda Azar

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