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Amanda Azar Saggese
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Learn to love your body while reaching your fitness goals through online training

Challenge yourself and stay motivated with an online support team!

Any fitness level can join, no excuses! Get your heart rate pumping, burn fat, and strengthen your body! I keep my classes fun and exciting by mixing in new moves while building on previous workouts. I make the most of our time together by incorporating dynamic movements and progressive circuits to help you achieve your fitness goals. Working out with a team will help you stay consistent, accountable, and motivated!

Turn your fitness regime up a few notches with custom-tailored workout sessions and expert guidance!

You know what your goals are, but getting there can be difficult. I will guide you down the best path and help you overcome obstacles and plateaus. In the end, you will have learned how to treat your body and appreciate what it can do.

Get set up for success with healthy habit-based nutritional coaching for long-term fitness, weight loss, and lifestyle changes.

Overwhelmed by diet culture fads? I’ll work with you to establish a healthy relationship with food while building long-term sustainable lifestyle habits. Feel confident in your relationship with food as you achieve better health, weight-loss, increased energy, and strengthen your performance to take on more of life. Trying to establish healthy nutritional habits on your own can leave you feeling overwhelmed, lost, and not knowing where to begin. I’ll have your back with the knowledge, accountability, and support you need to see the results you’ve always wanted.

Ultimate lifestyle and habit take over to transform your mind, body, and health to get the results you’ve been longing for!

Jumpstart your mind and body by committing to me for 30 days! See how your body can transform when you put in the work for 30 days of my workout, nutrition, and motivation guide. Watch yourself reach new heights and discover what your body is capable of accomplishing! These challenges will help you smash through your goals, immerse yourself in setting healthy lifestyle habits, and feel the support of myself and other challenge team members! See the results you always wanted! Do not waste another day on ineffective methods. Stop wishing and start doing!

Stay motivated and reach new heights by switching up your fitness routine with diverse digital downloads to do on your own.

Add excitement back into your fitness routine! I created these digital downloads to incorporate various situations and health needs.

"Amanda is an excellent trainer. I have worked with her for several years. With excellent results. She constantly changes up workouts so that each one is challenging and also takes into account flexibility, cardio and strength. She has a great attitude and a very positive approach to training and I highly recommend her!"

- Bill W.

kind words from my clients

"I have worked with Amanda both one on one and joined her small group classes. She really listens to your needs and the needs of your body and helps you set realistic goals. She is always there if you need advice and help with anything. Her fitness and eating plans are realistic and help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle long term. 1000% recommend Amanda for personal training."

- Rachel M.

"Amanda is honestly the best trainer I’ve ever used. I hit a plateau with my work outs before Amanda and she helped me get excited about working out again. I love how every work out she changes it up, while still building on what we’ve done before. I could not recommend her enough!!"

Caitlyn F.

Online Fitness Training & Nutritional Coaching

Learn to appreciate what your body can accomplish while you reach your fitness goals through online training. I take a simple approach to personal training that you can use at home, making exercise fun and exciting! I help you achieve your fitness goals to become healthier, transform your body, and be confident in yourself and what you can achieve. Feel good about yourself and take the first step before you waste another day!

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